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Optimum Preparedness has been helping people prepare for emergencies and disasters for over 30 years. And we’re here to tell you – YOU CAN DO IT!

Hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes and now it seems that we’re seeing tornadoes every other week. Then there are the threats of economic collapse, EMP’s or China taking down our power grid. It is now common sense to have enough supplies on hand to take care of you and your family for several days to several weeks (or longer). Think “what will you die from first if the disaster doesn’t kill you?” Not a question people like to hear but it is good at helping them prioritze what stuff to stock up on first. Water and food are the 2 biggies. And you want to have your supplies on hand before anything hits.

Store food in Mylar bags (true air and moisture barriers the way a tin can or glass jar is) along with an oxygen absorber. A bag of rice from the grocery has a year shelf life. Put that rice in a Mylar bag with an oxygen absorber and it has a 10-20 year shelf life. Same goes for beans. And Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers are cheap.

Store water. Change it out every 6 months or use Water Preserver guaranteed to keep water good for 5 years. Get a headlamp, the #1 light producing thing to get. Then get other non-electric lighting. Make up a “Stuck at the Office and Can’t Get Home” pack, which could double as a “Get Home Safe” daypack or fanny pack. Check out our Checklists on what you need to Shelter in Place at Home, what you’ll want in an Evacuation pack, and what items are great for your Every Day Carry items.

And, if you call us with questions, you reach a real live person who knows the answers to almost all your questions and is happy to explain, share or provide first hand feedback on everything you find on our website.


If you have questions, we have answers. We test and use all we sell. Whether it is our Mylar bags & oxygen absorbers, water filters, lanterns & headlamps, survival tools, emergency essentials or sleeping bags, we provide first hand feed back.

Hurricane & Power Outage Supplies

5-gallon Mylar bags, 1-gallon Mylar bags, 1/2-gallon Mylar bags & 1-quart Mylar bags

5-gallon Mylar bags, 1-gallon Mylar bags, 1/2-gallon Mylar bags & 1-quart Mylar bags

We carry 5-gallon Mylar bags in 7mil, 5mil & 4.3mil thickness, which hold approx 30 to 40 lbs of food. Unless you have a large family, the NEW way to pack in Mylar bags: our Super Popular 1-gallon Mylar bags hold about 6 lbs of rice and our 1/2-gallon Mylar bags hold 3 lbs of rice, so you only open enough food for a few weeks while the rest of your long term food storage stays safely sealed. Plus we have the 1-gal, 1/2-gal and 1-qt Mylar bags with and without the handy ziplock feature! And we now have our 300cc oxygen absorbers in No-Stress 10-packs (because they have to be used within 1 hour of opening), see below.

Oxygen Absorbers for Mylar Bags

Oxygen Absorbers for Mylar Bags

Use the correct size oxygen absorber in each Mylar bag for long term food storage. The goal is to end up with Nitrogen Flushed food because bugs, eggs, larvaie and oogie boogies can't live in a Nitrogen environment. You DON'T want to vacuum seal a Mylar bag if you are using an oxygen absorber - you WANT the oxy absorber to nuke the oxygen and LEAVE all that great nitrogen in the bag with your food so it can kill the oogie boogies. Read more about it HERE. And since oxygen absorbers have to be used within 1 hour of opening the package, forget the stress of using up 100 oxygen absorbers in under an hour. Get our Stress-Free 10-packs of oxygen absorbers - storing food should be FUN, not stressful!

Mylar bag heat sealers

The Optimum Hot Jaw Heat Sealers

Optimum Hot Jaw Heat Sealers - When sealing Mylar foil oxygen barrier bags (aka Mylar bags) for long term food storage, it is critical to provide a proper seal on the bags. And not all heat sealers are created equal. Some heat sealers are meant for sealing single layer clear bags (like the Food Saver and Seal A Meal machines use). They usually have a heat bar on only one side of the heat sealer, and it is usually very narrow, maybe 1/8”. Our Optimum Hot Jaw Heat Sealers provide a full ½ inch wide seal which is serrated so you know that you have a good solid seal that will protect your food.

Water Preserver Concentrate

Water Preserver Concentrate

keeps 55 gallons of water good for 5 years! Water Preserver™ provides guaranteed 5-year storage for regular tap water or commercial bottled water. Use the entire bottle for a 55-gallon drum. For smaller containers, add 8 drops of Water Preserver per gallon of water. US and State EPA registered as effective for 5-year water storage. Water Preserver Concentrate has a 5-year shelf life, so store extra for down the road. Only $12.95 per bottle treats a 55 gallon barrel of water.

30 Day LED Lanterns - 300 Lumens

30 Day LED Lantern - 700 Lumens

30 Day LED Lanterns - 300 Lumens - (3) D batteries provide up to 30 days of use on low, 84 hrs on medium, 32 hrs on high. Three super bright LEDs output up to 700 lumens on high, 150 lumens on medium and 29 lumens on low. Remove the globe from the 30 Day Lanterns and use the built-in recessed hook in the base of the lanterns to hang the lanterns upside down to cast bright light down on a work area. These lanterns and their smaller counterpart are 2 must haves for everyones' emergency supplies.

Petzl Tikka Headlamp

Petzl Tikka Headlamp

This is the best headlamp I've ever owned. It's small and lightweight, but it has a mighty powerful beam of light - see over 90 feet! Use it on low to conserve battery power or on high when you need some serious light. Allows complete hands-free vision even in the darkest conditions - very important in an emergency or disaster, especially if you need your hands for children or getting your stuff out of a flooding house. NOT just another headlamp!

Porta Chef Countertop Butane Stove

Portable INDOOR Countertop Butane Stove

This is the easiest, safest, most dummy-proof stove there is. Totally safe to use indoors or in a shelter! No fuel to spill! No matches needed! This stove is PERFECT for power outages, emergency & disaster preparedness. It's also great for camping! Another BEST SELLER!

Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook

Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook 

This comprehensive medical and 1st aid guide is packed with all the info you need to stay alive and well if a disaster makes outside medical help impossible. This book covers everything you'd expect in a medical manual, plus so much more, including nuclear, biological and chemical warfare; emergency surgery; veterinary medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics. Developed by the US Army for the Special Forces teams out on missions where there is no help, and no 911.

BlastMatch Fire Starter

The BlastMatch Fire Starter

The BlastMatch generates a stream of sparks three times the heat of a standard match and easily will light any material (wood, paper, bark, cloth, or man-made fire starting tinders) that a match will ignite. This is, simply put, the best fire starter you will ever find anywhere. TS Approved for over 15 years.


3-Day Emergency Survival Kits

You are driving home. The way is blocked by flooding, earthquake damage, mudslide - now what?! You should always have a 3-day emergency survival kit in your car. Food, water, light, shelter, warmth, tools, first aid and more.