About Us

I’ve had a passion for personal preparedness for over 25 years. I’ve had an emergency preparedness supplies and survival equipment business since 1990. It started as a way to be prepared to deal with natural disasters – earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, snowstorms or ice storms, power outages short or long. Then we had Y2K, and 9/11, anthrax attacks, school lockdowns and pandemics.

Growing up in the Midwest, it was normal for everyone to have flashlights, batteries, a kerosene lantern or 2, extra canned goods, a camp stove, so when the power went out due to a snow or ice storm, or a tornado, we had what we needed to weather the storm at home.

In 1978 we had a snowstorm that kept us inside for over 5 days. We had a window explode due to the force of the winds and temperature difference between indoors and outdoors. We had to stuff strips of towels around the exterior doors and the doorjambs because the wind was so fierce it drove snow in thru the smallest cracks. Once the storm ended, we were stranded, our car completely buried, and drifts up to the roof. Day 2 AFTER the storm ended someone with a 4 wheel drive jeep took people into town for groceries. The shelves were bare because the semi trucks hadn’t been able to get thru to restock the stores. We were lucky that we had just gone grocery shopping the day the storm started. Others weren’t so lucky. You weren’t called a survival fanatic because you had supplies, you were called something if you DIDN’T have supplies!

In Florida in the mid 80’s we had a hurricane sit off the coast in the Gulf of Mexico for 3 days. There was mandatory evacuation for everyone along the coast. I was inland just enough (and my place was a whopping 11 ft above sea level – high for the Clearwater area) that I didn’t have to evacuate. What I did have was half a dozen friends stay with me for those 3 days because they had to leave their home or be arrested. We went to the store for supplies. Again, it was so eerie to see the shelves devoid of food – only a couple of jars of pickle relish and some lonely mustard on the shelves.

No longer do we have to explain WHY you should want to have preparedness supplies stocked in your home, car and in your workplace. The natural disasters, terrorist acts, pandemics, school lockdowns, chemical/biological warfare and potential economic meltdown make it pretty obvious that some insurance in the form of preparedness supplies makes total sense these days.

We are committed to bringing the best products together to help you be ready to handle whatever comes down the pike. We test all the products ourselves so that we can speak from a position of knowing, guessing. OPTIMUM Preparedness.

Many times, people know they should prepare, they want to prepare, but just don’t know where to start. We have some good checklists to help you get started. The important thing though is to START. Do what you can. Start small if necessary, but make sure you get started today. Remember: The more PREPARED, the less SCARED.

If you have questions, give us a call or send us an email. We have years of experience and are here to help you so that you can take care of you and yours should the cow paddy hit the fan.

Teri Simpson
Optimum Preparedness