Water Storage & Water Purification

Water is essential for staying alive and safe water is essential for staying healthy. At Optimum Preparedness we take a clean safe supply of water very seriously. Without potable water, you won’t be able to ‘weather the storm’ in your own home – you will have to relocate to a relative’s, a hotel or a shelter with hundreds of other people (not a pretty picture when you take into consideration the threat of a pandemic).

You must figure 2 gallons of water per person per day. You should keep stored water plus the ability to turn questionable water into drinkable water. You’ll want 55 gallon drums for long–term water storage and/or containers like our 4–7 gallon spigoted containers for sink side use (get 2 – kitchen and bathroom), a water filter that will filter larger quantities of water without pumping (like a Katadyn Countertop Drip Filter which is good for 13,000 gallons of water and can be used, stored and used again), a portable water filter for your evacuation kit in case you just CAN’T stay in your home (like a Katadyn Pocket Filter or Katadyn Combi Filter) and for people that work or travel, a small filter or purifier that fits in your briefcase or car/office kit (like the SteriPen Ultra LCD UV Purifier).

What to get:

For your stored water you’ll either have to change the water every 6 months or get our Water Preserver Concentrate which is EPA approved and guarenteed to keep water good for 5 years.

A word about the water containers we sell: We sell these containers because of their safety and utility. We’ve used them for nearly 20 years and found that they work great – the spigot screws inside for storing and stacking, and outside when you need to use it. The containers stack and are very steady – handy for keeping a couple in every closet. They come in a 7 gallon size (that’s around 56 lbs folks) and also in a 4 gallon size (only 32 lbs, which is much more manageable for some).

There’s even an extra large 8 gallon size that comes with wheels and an extending handle so you can roll it like carry on luggage. AND THEY ARE ALL 100% BPA FREE! 55 gallon drums are great for storing large amounts of water but when full they weigh around 450 lbs – you won’t be carrying one of THOSE in to sit on the kitchen counter, by the sink or into the bathroom.

When you buy from Optimum Preparedness, you can rest assured that we have done the research, done the testing, and we sell only the best, the strongest, the safest items in any category. We use these products and we know that our lives could some day depend on what we use and sell. If we wouldn’t use it, you can bet we aren’t going to be selling it. You can bank on that.      For more in depth information about water storage

Water Products